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Is natural deodorant best?

Updated: Jul 9

There's been a bit of a trend, a movement even of late for clean beauty. For our beauty products to not be filled full of chemicals, and even better to be plastic free, with zero waste packaging. We happen to agree.

But we're sure you have questions, we'll see if we can help.

Is natural deodorant as effective?

Yes. Absolutely. We've tested our recipe for years, on all body sizes, shapes and types. From runners to coach potatoes and all confirmed they were happy with the effectiveness of our product. Brilliant. That's not to say that ALL natural deodorants are effective, or that our deodorant is right for everyone. Life would be boring if we were all the same. But what we can say is, most people who try it, seem to like it.

Is natural deodorant drying on your skin?

Quite the opposite actually. Gone are the days of anti-perspirant fueled stickiness and dry skin. Switching to a natural deodorant, particularly ours with a high percentage of skin moisturising ingredients including cocoa butter and coconut oil will ensure your armpits feel softer and silky smooth - yes you heard that right.

Are the chemicals in regular deodorant harmful?

We don't know for sure, and we're qualified to comment either way. But what we do know is, the less chemicals and other stuff you put into your body, the better surely? We've nothing in our deodorant that we wouldn't eat. I mean it probably wouldn't be the tastiest thing but we know it's safe to do so. Shouldn't you apply the same approach to your skin?

Why should I buy natural deodorant?

Because you want to would be the obvious choice. But also there's plenty of reasons we'd prefer our natural deodorant than the usual deodorant choices.

  1. We only use natural fragrances - essential oils. And for those sensitive to these, we're looking at introducing a nude (fragrance free) variety very soon.

  2. You don't want to fill your armpits full of yukky chemicals.

  3. You want an alternative to filling the pockets of massive companies

Introducing Creme Fresh. The alternative. Sweet smelling, soft armpits, always.

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