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Vegan bodycare. Creme Fresh Deodorant

Updated: Jul 9

Our products are 100% vegan friendly. We don't use beeswax, or honey, or any other animal product in our natural deodorants. We researched, trialled and tested a number of alternatives until we got it right. We've proven you don't need to use animal products to make an effective natural deodorant. Ta-da.

Why are our natural deodorants vegan?

Because we don't believe that the age old process of using animals for our beauty is acceptable. Because we have a responsibility to the environment to be as plant based as possible. Because we care, oh and because they work just as well (if not better).

Say hello to Mr Bee. He's beautiful, and very important to the eco-system pollinating our flowers, crops and the food we eat. We'd prefer not to steal his food, rather let him keep it for himself and the hive.

Same goes for Dairy. Why on earth would you put cows, sheep or goat's (or any other animal's) milk in your beauty product. We don't get it either. We'll never put animal products of any kind in our products. That's a promise.

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