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How to be more zero waste with your health & beauty products

Updated: Jul 9

Plastic here, packaging waste there, it seems like the big brands STILL don't get it. Consumers don't want a sea of plastic, packaging or other rubbish with their beauty products. You can look beautiful, take care of your body and face without polluting the environment. Fortunately there are plenty of options. Take our natural deodorant for example.

Naturally Zero Waste Deodorant

We decided to make our products free of plastic (and vegan). Because it's the right thing to do. Because we're not recycling anywhere near enough and the oceans and, our foods are full of micro - and not so micro plastic.

Creme Fresh Natural Deodorant is available in two flavours, in a metal (refillable) tin or naked. The tin variety is slightly softer and smaller and good if you want to trial it out. We're then more than happy if you want to return it for us to refill. There you have it Zero Waste Deodorant.

Our second option, the naked bar is TOTALLY packaging free. We'll just wrap it up in paper, with paper stickers (not sellotape) to protect it from the postman's trials and tribulations. It's also a little bit bigger so will last you a wee bit longer - on average say 2-3 months for this bad boy ->

So your deodorant is totally plastic free right?

Naturally free of plastic, no plastic packaging, promise. We even make sure our stickers to wrap it up in are plastic free. Pinky swear.

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